A Historical Sketch of the 
South Knoxville Church of Christ
        In about 1940, a small group of about 30 New Testament Christians began meeting in a dwelling on the corner of Sims Road and Maryville Pike in South Knoxville.  Being in the Vestal community, the new congregation was known as the Vestal Church of Christ.

Vestal Church of Christ - Date Unknown

        By 1955, the congregation had outgrown these facilities, and a lot was purchased at 4400 Martin Mill Pike, and a nice brick building was built.  Under the preaching of Charles R. Nance and Parker French, among others, the church continued to grow.  Brethren from Vestal even began assisting other small congregations by providing preaching for them.  This growing congregation was instrumental in helping to establish congregations in Asbury and Mascot.

       Elders and deacons were first appointed to serve the congregation in 1966.  Elders who have served over the years include the following: U.G. Reece, G.T. Giles, W.W. Wade, Wallace Hughes, Leroy Downs, John Giles, Wayne Lankford, and John M. Jenkins, Sr.  Presently, John Bauman, John Downs, Gary Graves and Grady Hurst provide excellent leadership for the congregation.

Young High Church of Christ - Date Unknown

     Since the church building on Martin Mill Pike also bordered on Young High Pike and was near the Young High School campus, the congregation's name was changed to the Young High Church of Christ.  Soon the facilities on Martin Mill Pike were too small, and during the tenure of Darty Crisp as preacher, the congregation moved to its present location at 4604 Chapman Highway in 1975.

Young High Church of Christ - 1968

South Knoxville Church of Christ - 2000

        Wayne Lankford became preacher for the congregation soon after the move to Chapman Highway and continued until 1988.  In August of 1988, Thomas C. Miller moved from Parkersburg, WV to begin his work with the church.

        Since the church building was no longer on Young High Pike and the Young High School no longer stood, the congregation's name was changed again in 1987 to the South Knoxville Church of Christ.

.       In 1998, Thomas C. Miller became Dean of Academics at the East Tennessee School of Preaching, located in the Karns Community, though still continuing to serve as the preacher for the congregation.  In 1999, Geoffrey R. Mabe became the Associate Minister for the congregation.

        In addition to the leadership provided by the elders, the congregation is presently served by seven deacons: Wayne Art, Rusty Curtis,  G.T. Giles, Bill Morrison, Steve Stamm, Donnie Taylor, and Jim Walker.

        The worship assemblies of the church are conducted each Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. and each Sunday evening at 6:00 p.m.  Bible classes for all ages are also conducted each Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. and each Wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m.  During these times, or at other times during the month, special classes and get-togethers are also scheduled for Men, Women, New Members, Life Groups, and Golden Agers.

        Today the South Knoxville Church of Christ continues to build upon its rich heritage.  The congregation is mission minded and is active in serving the needs of people.  A strong preaching and teaching program is emphasized.  Radio, television, the printed page, and personal contact are all used to reach out to people with the message of simple, undenominational New Testament Christianity

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